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Nude Barbarian Archer

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Queen of Amazons sometimes hire barbarian archers - these girls are very brave, fearless - and sharpshooters too. Moreover, they are perfect bodyguards because they never violate the oath of allegiance they sweared.

This archer girl is one of those brave warriors. The queen trusts her completely and allows to guard her sleep.

Available to all our users who request it the videos of our amateur castings

Sunday, February 16, 2014

As you remember, you who follow us from more time, in May of last year we made a series of porn amateur castings, not-for -profit and totally free, in order to have fun and make try to users of our blog an experience of hardcore scene. There were five brave users of our blog who did the casting with me and three of my friends: Samu, Buster69, Florin, Baffodoro and Carlos. We have kept those movies and now we asked to the male protagonists permission to distribute these scenes to our other users. After some understandable hesitation in four have accepted (Samu sincerely had accepted immediately) and now the four videos are available for all users who will ask for them by writing to my email,
The videos, as mentioned, there are four. In the first I’m the protagonist along with Samu. The title is "POV Blowjob", with performances of oral sex and cum swallow. The second video starring the unleashed Candy Slutty with Florin, the title is "Blowjob in bathroom" with performances of oral sex, boobjob and cumshot over boobs. In the third video we see the beautiful Heather along with Buster69, the title is "Watch … and cum for me” with performances of oral sex, doggy-style and facial. The last video, starring the sultry Isabel along with Carlos, is "Fuck with us” and the performances are oral sex, 69, reverse cowgirl, facial and jerk off encouragement .

We have prepared a promo video of our works that we will send by e -mail to all interested users. In this way you will see me and my friends and you can choose the video that you like and will excite you that will be sent to your email absolutely free. We look forward to many, please email me at

What does your Soul Crave?

My soul is always
craving Submission!
Too let go and surrender.
Giving full control over to her for a spell,
 alonding it to over take me.




As a submissve man there is no
 greater happiness
than being tranported
into new a realm.
It's Just our way of having fun!
Happy Spankings to you and yours!!!!!

Porn Memories: "Leather Dreams"

I have a lot to thank our fan who wrote to us from France for making me come back to mind this masterpiece of french cinema at red lights. Our friend, who in his mail addressed to Lisa signs himself as "A French Fan”, expressed the desire to see a scene from "Leather Dreams", a film released by Colmax in 1991 (the original french title is "Reves de cuir") in which starred the legendary Zara Whites (1st picture). In my view, this film is one of the first experiments porn-psychedelic of red light european cinema. The plot is quite simple, it all starts when a mysterious man (played by the film's director, the late Francis Leroi) leaves a VHS on a bench next to a beautiful and elegant woman who seems to be waiting for something. The woman is Zara Whites who collects the tape and when she gets home pushes the VHS in her video recorder. Here we enter into the film’s action, the video contains a series of imaginative and pounding sex scenes, sometimes with contours fetish and SM. Zara loses the sense of reality, the sex scenes follow one another and so as the star of the film as the viewer does not know how to distinguish the dreamlike vision from reality, perhaps it is all a dream or maybe Zara is experiencing really what you see on the screen and erotic dreams induced by vision.
We go from a beautiful lesbian scene between Zara and Deborah Wells (2nd picture) to a threesome in a smoky jazz club with the wild Sunny McKay and Charlene Roben that seduce a saxophonist. Irresistible this latter sequence, enhanced by a seductive background music, especially in the final clip when the male actor explodes in a copious cumshot that in the film is highlighted with a slowmo effect and at the same time an alternating sequence shows Sunny and Charlene at the table of the club in the act of uncorking a bottle that explodes with a rich shot of champagne. Zara in this time appears to wake up from a dream next to husband Christophe Clark but is then whisked away by another masked man to a cabin in the woods where, strapped to a chair and ball-gagged, she's forced to watch a light kink number involving Claudine St. Jacques and three guys. At this point the film shows us the scene more exciting, erotic and psychedelic at the same time. The sequence sees Zara relaxed, yet ball-gagged, with three men around that touch her body, masturbating their cocks and fuck her. The black light effect makes it dreamlike and unreal, the three men shot their cum almost simultaneously and thoroughly, everything has an erotic effect absolutely sublime.  And so it continues. Zara becomes ever more addicted to the images on the tape and is ultimately swallowed whole, winding up trapped in the TV set. The coda sees Leroi leaving the tape for another woman to pick up …

So we are pleased to show our "French Fan" and to all the fans of our blog this wonderful film, in full version ...